The well known Lovebird Calculator has now a standalone, PC friendly version available here. Those of you who used the online version of the calculator will feel right at home. Those of you who never used it will find it easy to use.

Since some people were experiencing problems with the old version of the download, I have changed my packaging software in hopes that this will solve the problems.

To be able to install the Lovebird Genetics Calculator software, you will need to download the Visual Studio Installer the first time. Depending on your Windows operation system, download the appropriate file and run it.

If you already have the Visual Studio Installer installed, you can then download the Lovebird Genetics Calculator file. The file contains all the necessary DLLs and the VB Runtime Environment. To download, press and hold the SHIFT key and click on the link.

Once you've made your selection, and you've downloaded the file to your computer. Simply run the file.

If you have comments or suggestions in regards to the Lovebird Genetics Calculator, please send an email to