Our Birds

Finally, here are our little lovies.  We started with one "rescued" bird in November of 1998, and now we have eight adults, two pairs of which are breeding. Simply click on the pictures to see a full-size versions.

Picture of Roxanne and SkittlesOn the left is Roxanne, a female Dutch Blue with surprisingly strong maternal instincts. Roxanne is a sweet hand-raised bird who was very tame and bonded to us before she was paired with Skittles. She still seems to seek our approval, always supervising us when we're near her nestbox and looking as us as if to say "See what a good job I did?"

On the right is her mate Skittles, a male Green Pied. Skittles was hand-raised, too, but he's a lot less concerned with us than he is with making sure he keeps Roxanne happy.

Picture of Romeo and JulietOn the left is Juliet, a female Creamino. Juliet is also a sweet hand-raised bird who was very tame until she injured herself once as a young bird.  Now she is still sweet, but she prefers not to be handled much.

On the right is Romeo, a old male Creamino. Romeo was also hand-raised (from the same breeder's aviary as Juliet), but he is still pretty tame.  He has always been fully flighted, but he is content to step up and be petted...for a short amount of time.  He is always ready pretty quickly to go back to the cage and Juliet.

Picture of Bam-Bam and Buddy This is Bam-Bam, one of our first birds and the main reason we fell in love with lovies in the first place. Bam-Bam is a female Medium Green. She is curious, very intelligent and responds to her name (mostly when she wants to play innocent, slyly backing away from whatever she was doing wrong when we call her down!). As it turned out, Bam-Bam was a female and so was her original mate (named Pebbles, of course). After having one infertile clutch from just Bam-Bam (when we found out she was a female) and one double-clutch of infertile eggs from Pebbles and Bam-Bam, we separated both of them.

This is Buddy, a male Green Pied /Dutch Blue /Lutino born on March 13th, 2000. He is one of 5 babies from the first clutch of Roxanne & Skittles. He is so sweet and curious, which grabbed us by the heart. Bam-Bam is the only one that took him under her wing and was nice to him. Currently, Bam-Bam & Buddy are preparing for their first breeding season as a couple. We will let you know of the results.

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