About our Aviary

Our aviary is currently situated in the study, along with the computer. The reason for this setup is that the study is tiled, not carpeted. This makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The main cage, a flight, measures 2'H X 6'W X 2'D and can be converted into three 2 Cubic foot sections. The are special doors on the back of the cage that we can open when we attach the nestboxes. Each door is just large enough to align with the hole in the front of the nestbox. We use "S" hooks to hang the nestboxes on the main cage. This makes it quick and easy to put up or take down the boxes. You can see the setup of the main cage with the nestboxes below.

Picture of the Flight Cage

When the nestboxes are not up, the birds sleep in their happy huts. Each section has 2 happy huts, just in case of "couple" trouble. An example of a happy hut in the cage looks like this:

Picture of a Happy Hut

We also have other smaller cages for travel and for isolation of birds. We also have a plastic hospital / travel cage that we use for sick birds, new hatchlings and for taking the birds to get their beaks and nails trimmed.

Most of our bird supplies and food stored under the main cage behind closed doors. That keeps the room basically free of clutter. The mixed seeds (a mix of Pretty Bird seeds, mini roudybush & Zupreem pellets), literature and other every day tools are found in the bookshelf right beside the main cage for easy access. We also sprout seeds on a regular basis to supplement our birds' diet.

Contacting Us:

You can contact us by sending an email to webmaster@lovelyloviesaviary.freeservers.com or if you have ICQ, you can reach us at #7769708. You can also sign our guestbook to let us know what you think of our website or for inquiries.

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